We advance competitive dancesport through support for the next generation of dancers.

Why we do this…

The mission of North Texas Dance Scholarships is to advance competitive dancesport through support for the next generation of dancers. We support high school and college students in their pursuit of competitive Ballroom and Country dance opportunities.

Thousands of children and teens across North Texas enroll in a variety of dance programs each year. A predictable number leave their programs due to lack of interest and enjoyment. Students that continue into their teen years walk away from their training for many reasons, including extracurricular school programs, employment, dating, and other time pressures.

We aim to keep growing dancers in the sport through support for instructional, costuming, and competition expenses. We invite your personal and financial support of this mission.

North Texas Dance Scholarship Fund is an 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Your donations are tax exempt.



Bryce Greene

Bryce Greene

Bryce is a dance instructor and competitor in the DFW Metroplex and five-time UCWDC World Champion. He has a passion to train a new generation of competitive dancers. He serves as president of North Texas Dance Scholarships.

Sherry Reynolds

Sherry Reynolds

Dozens of college-age dancers have come to the sport with Sherry’s gentle guidance through the Texas Ballroom on the campus of UT-Austin. Her students compete primarly on the ACDA and UCWDC circuits. She serves as treasurer of the NTX Dance Scholarship Fund.

Catherine Picard

Catherine Picard

From Newcomer to ProPro, Catherine is a many-time UCWDC World Champion, dance instructor, and ACDA adjudicator. At any time, half of her students are under the age of 25. She is also co-event director of Waltz Across Texas.

Tagg Bertrand

Tagg Bertrand

Tagg is the owner of Clique Studios and a multi-faceted dancer specializing in partner dancing. She opened her studio in 2013 in Dallas, TX, to support dancers seeking a creative space, and has been active in the performing arts industry for over 20 years.

How we help…


including fees for private instruction, studio fees, and group classes


including a portion of the cost of expenses where costumes are either required or unique to a dance genre


including registration and dance fees at competitive events and hotel costs in shared accommodations

Your donation to North Texas Dance Scholarship Fund supports competitive dance opportunities for high school and college students!

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